Transferred to Guelph from another school

Welcome to the University of Guelph!

The transfer student experience can be different from the experience of those who come to a post-secondary campus for the first time.  Most of our transfer students join the University of Guelph community after a few semesters or even few years at a college or university.  Much of the general information about post-secondary expectations is familiar to these students, but finding your way in a new place can still be daunting!  We're here to help you get connected and make the most of your University of Guelph experience.

There is one thing that we know applies to all our students, and sometimes more so for transfer students: The key to a successful first year here is engaging with the campus community and accessing the resources available to you to help you achieve your goals both inside and outside the classroom. You can check out all the amazing resources available to you throughout our website, but let’s look here at some here that are well-prepared to assist the diverse needs of transfer students. 

The majority of our transfer students choose to live off campus.  Check out OCUS (off campus university students club) and Off Campus Living to learn more about the experience of living off campus while studying at Guelph. Most transfer students are over 19 years of age, so the Mature student association may have services or events to assist you. 

We also encourage you to stay connected with the Student Transition Office to learn more about the events we have planned for transfer students.  Visit our webpage.

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Explore to learn more about the other amazing resources and events that will help you find your way at your new University. We're glad you're here.