Mature Student

Welcome to the University of Guelph! There is no one university-wide definition of who a “mature student” may be. In the context of admission to the university, the term “mature student” is used to describe students who have been out of full-time secondary school for 2 or more years and have never registered at a college or university, and it is important to have this distinction and the related admissions criteria.  You may have clicked on this page even if you don’t really fall into that description.  In the context of the work of, we use the term mature student more loosely: We’ll let you decide whether you feel the term captures your own experience. 

The mature student population, like all students, is very diverse.  Most of our mature students will not be graduating from high school in June 2018, and instead join the University of Guelph community after a few years or even few decades away from school. Other mature students have been actively participating in schooling of various types such as on the job training, continuing education or various forms of personal or professional development.  The paths that bring our students here are as varied as each and every one of us. 

There is one thing that we know applies to all our mature students: The key to a successful first year is engaging with the campus community and accessing the resources available to you to help you achieve your goals both inside and outside the classroom. You can check out all the amazing resources available to you throughout are website, but let’s look here at some here that are well-prepared to assist the diverse needs of mature students:

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