Welcome, Gryphon!

The team responsible for your transition into Guelph is a different group of people than the ones you met in the process of deciding to come here. We're easy to reach: email us at start@uoguelph.ca, call us at 519-824-4120 ext 52277, or reach out on Facebook/Insta: @uofgstudentexp, Snap: @uofgstudentlife.

We prepare a series of programs and information for you to access in four stages:

  1. Join students who have been accepted in our Facebook Group from April-June. Staff and students update this page with information and respond to any questions you may have along the way. Please join the group and introduce yourself!
  2. Summer Orientation, from June - August:
    • The STARTonline Guide at www.startonline.ca: This guide has information you should know about coming to University. 
    • Facebook Groups: Led by volunteers for each Academic Program and each University Residence or Students living Off Campus.
    • STARTonCampus: In-person events on campus in Guelph where you learn more about coming to University. These run: July 6 and August 9, 10, 15, 17, 21, 24.
  3. Orientation Week, starting August 31, 2019:
    • This is an incredible week, filled with dozens and dozens of events that help prepare you for University in a variety of different ways
  4. Fall and Winter Support programs:
    • One on one support programs where you meet with an upper year student to chat about the changes happening in your life as a result of coming here.
    • Events where you get to meet other students
    • Events that help you find your path towards a life of meaningful work