About CIP

You may have noticed there are lots of great people telling you how to settle in at Guelph and establish yourself here and truth is, I'm not one of them. My job -- lucky me-- is getting you to leave.  One of the great things about Guelph is that you can have the opportunity to spend a semester at one of our 100+ partner institutions abroad through either our exchange or Semester Abroad program. Check out the CIP website http://www.uoguelph.ca/CIP to get info on planning the learning experience of your life. With more than 65 programs in 34 countries, there's something for everyone; seasoned travellers as well as those for whom the move to Guelph was a big trip. Although most students travel in their third year, applications are submitted the year before and first year is a good time to start planning. So check out the website and come and see us if you have any questions. 


Lynne A. Mitchell
Centre for International Programs