Bachelor of Arts and Science

Hello everyone!

This is Shannon Rushe, the program counsellor for the Bachelor of Arts & Sciences (BAS).  First of all, welcome to the BAS program!  We are very pleased to have you join our community!  We’re already getting things ready for your arrival in the fall.

As a full-time professional staff member, it’s my job to help set you up for success in your academics.  For some of you this will be course selection; for others it will be finding academic resources on campus; and for others still, it may be referring you to personal support systems like the Wellness Centre or Career Services or Counselling Services.

I’ve already emailed or chatted on the phone with some of you and your parents.  In every case it’s been great to connect with you.  I’m already looking forward to the Fall semester!

Ok, so let’s answer some of the common questions I’ve been getting…

Q: I’m in the BAS program and I’m not sure what courses to register for.

A: I’ve outlined what you should take in the registration handbook and I’ve also outlined it on our website.  Take a careful and thorough look at both resources and then let me know if you have any more questions.

Q: What do I do if I have conflicts between classes?

A: First of all, just so we’re clear…you cannot take 2 courses that are offered at the same time or overlap lab/lecture/seminar times.  Unless you’re an X-Men or Hermione Granger, you can’t be in two places at the same time.  Your options are to see if there are other sections of the class that do not conflict or simply choose another course altogether.

Q: What do I do if the course that I want is full?

A: You actually have a couple of options here.

Keep an eye on it during the rest of course selection and again throughout the Add Period.  People constantly change their schedules so a spot might just open up.
You can try contacting the instructor and seeing if there is a waiting list or if they will sign you into the course even though it’s full.
You can see if the course is offered in the winter semester and see about picking up a different course for the fall semester.

Q: What science courses should I take?

A: Using the Science core chart, depending on what minor you’re thinking about pursuing, you can see what courses you should be taking. 

You’ll see the courses are all pretty similar across the different minors, so don’t feel like you’re picking a minor that you have to stick to.  You can always change your mind.

Q: What if I take 2 social science courses or 2 arts courses instead of one of each?

A:  That’s completely up to you.  We suggest one of each just to give you a chance to try out a course from each area.  But that’s fine if you prefer to take 2 arts or 2 social sciences.  It just means that somewhere in the future, you’ll eventually need to pick up the other 1.00 credits (2 courses) that you don’t take this time around.

Q: Do you have any suggestions for a good course to take?

A: I actually have plenty of suggestions, but do make sure to check out the FIRST YEAR SEMINARS that are only open to first year students (ie. YOU!)  Check them out here .  Any of these courses will count towards your social science core.

Q: How can I reach you?

A: My phone number is 519.824.4120 extension 56385 and my email is .  It’s actually better if you email me, because when I answer your question I can include links to online resources.  As well, this way you can refer back to the email if you forget anything.  When emailing me, please make sure to do it through your University of Guelph email account (Gryph Mail) and try to remember to include your ID number.  Obviously I will still talk to you if you call :)

I know that some of you might feel confused about all of this.  That’s ok…I appreciate how new and confusing this can all be.  Others of you might feel totally clear right now.  That’s ok too.  Whatever you’re feeling…it’s normal.   Contact me if you have any questions and concerns and I’ll do my best to help and support you.  Once again…congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to the University of Guelph community!  I’m looking forward to welcoming you in person in September!