South Asian Students

Welcome future gryphons! If you identify as a South Asian student or you are interested in learning about the South Asian clubs and services at the University Of Guelph, you are at the right place. U of G students have established a number of cultural organizations over the years and the South Asian community of Guelph has a lot to offer as well.

If you are interested in connecting with South Asian students at the university, checking out a student organization is a great way to get started. The student organizations at U of Guelph work hard to offer a variety of events for their club members. The South Asian groups organize formals, sporting events, and participate in intercultural events around campus. Student organizations can also help you develop new friendships that can help you navigate university life, so that you get the most out of your experience at Guelph.   .  If you are looking for information about groups related to faith and spirituality, please visit the faith pages  of our many identities section.

If you have any questions, please can contact the Office of Intercultural Affairs at

South Asian Student Groups @ U of Guelph

The South Asian community in the City of Guelph

  • The South Asian student groups listed above focus on events that are relevant to South Asian students on campus. If you are looking for organizations that are more family-oriented, there are a number of cultural and religious organizations within the City of Guelph and neighboring areas! 
    • Bangladeshi Association of Guelph
    • Guajarati Cultural Association
    • Hindu Society of Guelph
    • Sikh Society of Guelph