East Asian and South-East Asian Students

Welcome future Gryphons!

Students on our campus have the opportunity to celebrate and explore diverse communities and cultures, right here on campus.  This page was created to provide information on clubs and services for students seeking to connect with East Asian or South-East Asian cultures. If you do not identify as East Asian or South-East Asian, but you are a student that is interested in learning about these cultures, you are more than welcome to utilize the information on this page.

U of G students have established a number of cultural organizations over the years and the East Asian & South-East Asian community of Guelph has a lot to offer off-campus as well. The student organizations at U of G work hard to offer a variety of events for their club members. They organize social nights, sporting events, and participate in intercultural events around campus.  If you are looking for information about groups related to faith and spirituality, please visit the faith pages  of our many identities section.

East Asian/South-East Asian student groups @ U of G