Arab and Middle Eastern

Welcome and Congratulations on choosing the University of Guelph.

Our campus is a vibrant community that creates amazing opportunities to celebrate and explore our many identities. The Arab and Middle Eastern communities at Guelph have a number of clubs, religious groups and cultural associations that that provide students with opportunities for involvement and community building.

A great way to build community and seek support as a first year who identifies or is interested in Arab and Middle Eastern cultures can start by connecting with these campus groups. If you are looking for information about groups related to faith and spirituality, please visit the faith pages  of our many identities section.

The following are two of the many campus groups you may wish to explore.

Iranian Students Association at University Of Guelph


Facebook Page of Iranian Students Association

Arab Students' Assocation at University of Guelph

GryphLife page of Arab Students Association


If you have any further questions about connecting with other cultural groups on campus. You can contact the Office of Intercultural Affairs at