The Undergraduate Academic Information Centre (UAIC)

Academic advising at Guelph is delivered by a team, of which the Undergraduate Academic Information Centre (UAIC) is one component. The UAIC is a resource centre for undergraduates where Peer Helpers and other student staff are available to help students in obtaining general information on undergraduate policies and procedures by phone, email and in person. UAIC Peers can also provide students with appropriate referrals if they require more detailed academic information. Select "Resources for Students" at the UAIC website.

Find us here! 

Level 3 University Centre (North End) 
519-824-4120 ext. 56613

Follow UAIC on twitter at @UAIC_UGuelph for academic information and updates.

Academic advisors (Faculty Advisors and Program Counsellors) are also available to help students in developing an educational plan and setting personal goals. All students have a Program Counsellor for their degree program (i.e. Bachelor of Arts) and almost all specializations (i.e. Major in Physics) have a Faculty Advisor. More information about them, including contact information, is available through the "Program Counsellor" and "Faculty Advisor" links at the UAIC website