Course Selection and Advising

Course Selection can be a very exciting experience for students, especially when you are in first year. In high school, many of your classes are selected for you. In University, you have so much more freedom to select the courses you want! You may be excited about diving into courses for your major, getting to explore electives that pique your interest, and meeting experienced faculty! Your College and Program are both going to email you helpful information about which courses to select and how to select them, the University expects that you'll read these emails and attempt to register for your classes on your own before reaching out to the Program Counsellors for help. 

In University, you get to take responsibility for your own learning, decide what kinds of topics interest you and you'll figure out how to engage best with the information you're learning. We are excited for you to discover more about your passions! 

Program Counsellors are the staff members in each Academic Program who help students navigate their academic path. We encourage you to not reach out to your Program Counsellor until you've attempted to register for classes at least once. If you've tried to register and had difficulty, or you are uncertain about which courses to select, that's the right time to reach out! We've got a handy list of Program Counsellors below, and an always up to date list is maintained by the Undergraduate Academic Information Center.  

Program Counsellors continue to be a great resource during the academic year. This table shows you some situations, although not every possible situation, where you would reach out to them.

Topic Explanation
Academic Consideration If they require academic consideration due to medical, psychological, or compassionate grounds
Academic Standing If they have questions about their academic standing (eligible to continue, probation, required to withdraw)
Course Selection If they have any questions about courses they should or would like to take
Internal Program Transfer If they are considering  changing degree programs they may wish to speak to the Program Counsellor for the degree they are considering making an application to
Late Add If the Add Period has ended and they wish to change one of their courses
Late Drop If they missed the drop deadline on the 40th day of classes (last day of the add period in the second semester for two-semester courses) and they wish to drop a course
Letter of Permission If they wish to take a course at another University for credit towards their University of Guelph degree
Schedule of Studies If they have questions about what courses they are required to take to satisfy the requirements for their degree

Undergraduate Academic Information Centre (UAIC)

Bachelor of Applied Science

Bachelor of Arts 

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management 

Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Computing 

Bachelor of Engineering 

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture 

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences

If you are an international student on an exchange, you may also benefit from talking to the  Centre for International Programs, instead of your program counsellor.

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