Gryphons Nest

Gryphons Nest

Gryphons Nest

Welcome to Gryphons Nest, your online community to support you in your transition to life as a Gryphon! 

If you're a first-year student living off-campus, you have already been placed in an online community with 40-50 other students from your academic program. Can't find your community? Email to get things sorted out!  

What happens in Gryphons Nest?

Your Gryphons Nest community is designed to help you develop connections and community with fellow students, support your academic success, and introduce you to resources and supports available to you as a Gryphon. Each community is led by an Online Community Mentor, an upper-year student who is there to chat one-on-one, organize events for you to meet other students, and help with your academic success. They are a friendly and easy first point of contact for anything on your mind. 

Click here to read the Gryphons Nest launch announcement.  

Meet a few of our Online Community Mentors:


What if I'm living in Residence?

If you are living in Residence this September, you considered to be a part of the Residence Community! Within your Residence Community there will be an upper-year student (RA) who supports you while you begin university.  RAs will welcome you into the Gryphon community, support your transition into university and help direct you to various resources on campus.  

What other support exists for me? 

In addition to Gryphons Nest, there is so much support for you at U of G. Whether you want to join clubs, volunteer or need  specific academic support, we are here to help you succeed. If you want to speak to someone before September starts, you can book a meeting here or email with questions.