Campus & Community

Important: Check back on June 1 for the full launch of! We help you prepare for starting university in the fall. 

What does it mean to be part of the U of G community?

Being a Gryphon means that you are part of a community that's committed to being determined, caring, engaged, respectful, and authentic! Throughout the summer you'll meet many current students virtually that will take you through what life at the U of G is really like.  

We offer many opportunities for students to connect with others based on their shared identities, interests and values, and to broaden their understanding of what it means to be a part of our community. 

Join us on Instagram @UofGStudentExp to see our Gryphon community! 

After June 1, this page will contain more information about community and campus life. Interested in checking out what our campus and community looks like right now? Here’s some links: 


As a new student, you’ll automatically be included in one of these great communities: 

  • Residence Community: If you’ll be living in Residence, you’ll be a part of a community based on where you’re living. There are community events and Residence Life Staff to help you build your community and support you during your time in Residence. To read more about Residence communities, click here.  

  • Gryphons Nest: If you’ll be living off-campus or commuting, you’ll be invited to join a Gryphons Nest community. This is an online community that uses Microsoft Teams platform. In June, you will automatically be enrolled into a community. In this community you will learn about tons of resources, connect with peers, and be invited to amazing events!  

  • Transfer Students: If you are a transfer student, you’ll be invited to join a community of fellow transfer students and get your own Gryphon’s Nest group!  


A quirky and proud part of our campus life is the Cannon! The Cannon, otherwise known as Old Jeremiah, is covered in many thick layers of paint. You may have seen it in one of its many forms; decorated as a dragon, painted for homecoming, or covered in sod by our Turf Grass Management School. Currently the Cannon is cemented in place, but it wasn’t always. In the past, students would move the Cannon around campus rather than paint it. In the end, the staff got fed up with having to retrieve the piece of war machinery from outrageous locations and cemented it in place behind Branion Plaza.  

The Cannon, is a fixture that can be freely painted by anyone but, there are some rules that apply… Visit this link to learn more about painting the cannon at the U of G.  

Make sure you paint the cannon at least once during your undergrad, you'll have a blast!

The Cannon painted red, black and gold with the letters IHC for Interhall Council on it.